Playing Mohegan Manor Friday and Drumlins Saturday

On Friiday night (11/9) I’ll be playing a full gig at Mohegan Manor. You’ll love this upscale establishment just over the bridge in Baldwinsville.  The food is high end, the atmosphere is charming, and it really isn’t far at all from the eastern suburbs.  If you dine there on Friday night for the first time, I’m sure you’ll walk away thinking, “How in the world did I not know about this place?” Of course, the music will be fabulous. So please try to make it. I’d love to play there more regularly. A big turnout would help the cause. Here’s their website:

I’ll be playing at Bistro on the Green at Drumlins after the game on
Saturday evening from 4-7.  Drumlins is offering a Park and Ride that
features a buffet and music.  I’ll write more when I can send along details.

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