This week I’ll be at Pascale Italian Bistro

I’ll be at Pascale’s ( from 7:30-10:30 pm this Saturday, January 31st. For some of you, that means not having to drive quite so far to hear yours truly do his musical thing. For me, it means being able to do something at least halfway competent on the grounds of a golf course – even if it doesn’t happen to be golf.

My latest project is to beef up my repertoire of the newer country songs. The motivation comes from talking with some high school students who told me that they all loved artists like Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton (whose songs I didn’t know) as well as Randy Travis and Zac Brown (whose songs I’ve been playing for a long while). If teenagers like a certain genre of acoustic music, it’s a good reasons to learn as many of those tunes as possible.

So this week’s addition is a great song, Shelton’s “My Eyes.” You’ve gotta love a song with this line : “My eyes are the only things I don’t wanna take off of you.”

Hope to see you then.

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