The  PressRoom Pub’s My Newest Venue

I been performing at a popular new bar/restaurant downtown in the Herald Commons area for the past few months. It’s pure fun, with a gymnasium décor, lots of TVs, endless numbers of beers, and a clever menu featuring what my buddies said were unusually good hamburgers as well as pizzas, crab cakes, and sandwiches. You can see the full menu here.

What’s kind of funny is that Dino Babers sometimes “opens” for me because he does his radio show before I go on. The place is full of fans and former football players for the first half of my gig and then it shifts to people who are there for the beer and music. Last time SU was on the road so I had the place to myself.

I’ll be there next on December 6th. Come visit. I’m sure you’ll love the place.

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